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In Cricket World Cup 2023 Concerns Mount As Air Pollution In India Impacts Tournaments Atmosphere

Air Effect On This City

Cricket World Cup 2023 which played in India. At India in Delhi City almost 30 million inhabitants, the atmosphere bears witness to an ominous transformation—a thick, suffocating cloak of soot that descends upon the cityscape, enveloping it in an oppressive embrace. The air, once crisp and clear, now hangs heavy with toxicity, rendering each breath a struggle against the smoky tendrils that taint the very essence of this sprawling urban haven.
The Air Quality Index (AQI), a measure that gauges the extent of air pollution, soared beyond the uppermost limit of the scale, surpassing 500—a magnitude tenfold beyond the threshold of what is deemed ‘good’ air quality.

Air Effect On Cricket World Cup Match

Most of the people will remember the time out moment which occurs with Angelo Mathews during Sri Lanka’s World Cup group match against Bangladesh in Delhi.
But this incident lag behind because of the air at the Arun Jaitley Stadium on 6 November

In response to concerns over air quality, training sessions for both Bangladesh and Sri Lanka were canceled. Precautionary measures were taken by some members of the Bangladesh team who did train the day before the game, opting for masks to mitigate the impact of the compromised air. Athletes with asthma chose to abstain from training altogether. The issue of air quality was openly addressed by both teams, highlighting the significance of the environmental challenge they faced.

FICA CEO Tom Moffat Raises Concerns Over International Player Wellbeing On Base Cricket World Cup

Tom Moffat, the CEO of the international players’ union FICA, has voiced his apprehension, emphasizing that priority of every player health and safety is most important. He expressed concern over instances where players find themselves unable to train or play outdoors, deeming it a significant issue.

Moffat highlighted a prevalent challenge in international sports, emphasizing that games are conducted in diverse conditions worldwide. He underscored the need for the sports community to address this issue on a global scale, emphasizing the necessity for well-defined, universally acknowledged standards grounded in scientific principles. The focus, according to Moffat, should be on safeguarding and promoting the well-being of players, transcending national boundaries.

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