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Cricket World Cup 2023: Virat Kohli 50th century

How Virat Kohli Do It In Cricket World Cup?

In 15th November 2023, Virat Kohli done his 50th century when he was playing semi final match against New Zealand in Cricket World Cup. This record break the record of the Sachin Tendulkar.

In Tendulkar last ODI he doe his 49th century, it’s mean he got there in his 451st innings.

In 277 innings Kohli matched the Little Master’s achievement and he has since surpassed it in his 279th innings.

Comparison between Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar

Kohli’s prowess in ODIs is evident not only in his impressive average of 58.69, the highest among players with 50 or more matches, but also in his superior strike rate of 93.62 runs per 100 balls compared to Tendulkar’s 86.23. Additionally, Kohli’s achievements are notable as he primarily bats in the middle order, whereas Tendulkar, a predominantly ODI opener, set the stage for his performances in a different batting position.

By expressing Kohli’s feeling he said that “It feels like I’m in a dream,” following his remarkable innings of 117 against New Zealand. His words came while being observed by his partner Anushka Sharma and cricket legend Tendulkar from the stands at Wankhede Stadium

It was totally a historic venue because “My life partner, the person I love the most, she is sitting there. My hero Sachin is sitting there. In front of them I was able to get the 50th .

Despite of it Virat Kohli thinks that still Sachin Tendulkar is greatest .

Expressing his feeling in last week, Kohli remarked, “We all looked up to him for a reason. I’ll never match his greatness; he perfection in the realm of batting.”

While Kohli is still trailing behind Tendulkar’s remarkable overall ODI run tally of 18,426, his recent achievement of surpassing Ricky Ponting for the third spot during his 50th century is really noteworthy. Currently, only Tendulkar and the Sri Lankan legend Kumar Sangakkara (with 14,234 runs) stand ahead of Kohli, who has done impressive total of 13,784 runs in ODIs

Is this stands will stay forever?

Having break the record from Tendulkar, Kohli’s achievement appears poised to stand the test of time. Among current players, India’s captain Rohit Sharma follows closely on the ODI century-making list with 31, yet he is 18 months older than Kohli. Subsequently, Australia’s David Warner (22) and South Africa’s Quinton de Kock (21) are noteworthy, but both are on the verge of retiring from the format.

Pakistan’s captain Babar Azam emerges as a potential contender with 19 centuries in 119 matches at the age of 29. However, uncertainties surrounding the future of the ODI format, coupled with the growing dominance of T20 cricket in the schedule, may solidify Kohli’s status as the undisputed king of 50-over cricket for the foreseeable future. But the 50th century of Virat Kohli it is also memorable.

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